Writer Dannye Chase

Fantasy, queer romance, and horror

Good Omens fanfiction


The Alibi
972 words – rated T

A ficlet about superheroes and make it gay

Dead Eye
1476 words – rated G

There's something off about a customer at Gayle's coffee shop.

The Wrong Side of the Door
8798 words – rated M
A Good Omens human AU horror fic

9016 words – rated E
A Good Omens human AU librarian/mobster

Ray of Sunshine
1338 words – Rated G
A Hanahaki disease fic with a happy ending

2970 words- rated T
A Good Omens wlw fic set at the Salem Witch Trials

10,847 words – rated E
A Good Omens human AU nurse/florist

The Poet's Eye
20,787 words – rated E
A Good Omens human AU poet/fire fighter

Stranger in Paradise
66,986 words – rated E
A Good Omens fanfic

Hello! My name is Dannye. I’m a 43-year-old married, queer mom of 3 who lives in the US. My hobbies include needlework and playing the piano. I write original fiction and fanfiction for the TV show Good Omens, and you can find it on my Ao3. I love to write for zines and to collaborate with artists and other creators.