Writer Dannye Chase

Queer romance, fantasy, and horror



Life of the Party
15k words – rated E
Gorgeous, charming 1930’s playboy Stephen Fletcher offers to introduce his shy best friend Walter Amesbury to kissing… and more.

7k words – Rated G
A psychic prince falls in love with his captain of the guard

9k words– rated E
A Good Omens human AU librarian/mobster

11k words – rated E
A Good Omens human AU nurse/florist

The Poet's Eye
21k words
rated E
A Good Omens human AU poet/fire fighter

Stranger in Paradise
67k words
rated E
A Good Omens fanfic


The Island
3k words – rated M

What's behind the mysterious disappearances at the local lake?

The Wrong Side of the Door
9k words - rated M
A Good Omens human AU: paranormal investigators

Fantasy & Supernatural

Dead Eye
1.5k words
rated G
There's something off about a customer at Gayle's coffee shop.

About Dannye

Dannye Chase is a queer, married mom of three who lives in the US Pacific Northwest. She writes queer romance, fantasy, and horror, and her works have appeared in over 20 original and fandom zines.

Serial Fics