Writer Dannye Chase

Queer romance, fantasy, and horror



The Alibi
1k words – rated T

A ficlet about superheroes and make it gay

7k words – Rated G
A psychic prince falls in love with his captain of the guard

9k words– rated E
A Good Omens human AU librarian/mobster

11k words – rated E
A Good Omens human AU nurse/florist

The Poet's Eye
21k words
rated E
A Good Omens human AU poet/fire fighter

Stranger in Paradise
67k words
rated E
A Good Omens fanfic


The Island
3k words – rated M

What's behind the mysterious disappearances at the local lake?

The Wrong Side of the Door
9k words - rated M
A Good Omens human AU: paranormal investigators

Fantasy & Supernatural

Dead Eye
1.5k words
rated G
There's something off about a customer at Gayle's coffee shop.

Dannye Chase is a queer, married mom of three who lives in the US Pacific Northwest. She writes queer romance, fantasy, and horror, and her works have appeared in over 20 original and fandom zines.